How To Get Involved

For the founders of Bucks County Food Runners, doing more to help alleviate hunger, both locally and globally, is a calling they all feel they’ve been given.  In August 2014, while planning a fund raiser at a local restaurant to benefit a meal packing event with an international hunger relief organization, the restaurant owner asked if there is anything that could be done with the food he simply throws away every night.  A very simple question without a quick, simple answer.

Jim, Bob and Kevin began doing some research and networking to get an answer to this simple question.  This lead them to an organization called Food Runners of San Francisco, a 501(c)(3) founded and run by a notable cooking school owner named Mary Risley.  Mary quickly became a mentor for Bucks County Food Runners, providing valuable guidance and insight into how to set up an organization to get excess food into the hands of those who serve the needy.

After a lot of research on food safety, food handling guidelines, liability issues, the amount of food wasted, the level of food insecurity in Bucks County and food distribution agencies in the local area, in March 2015 Bucks County Food Runners was officially born having been incorporated and granted 501(c)(3) status as a public charity by the IRS!

Since that time, several donor restaurants have been signed up and volunteer food runners have joined Bucks County Food Runners.  Over 100 pounds of edible food each week is being saved from the dumpsters and run to local area food pantries, shelters and churches to get the food to those most in need!  But there is more to do – more food to rescue, more mouths to feed.

You can help us with our mission and vision by donating your time, money and food to Bucks County Food Runners using the links at the top of the page.  All donations to Bucks County Food Runners go to funding the operations.  Bucks County Food Runners is a volunteer organization.  Be assured that no associate of Bucks County Food Runners receives salary, financial reimbursements or financial gains of any kind.

Our Mission

To serve as the conduit between restaurants and the food insecure, redirecting edible food destined to be discarded to social services agencies that provide food to those in need.

Our Vision

Food security in Bucks County, PA and beyond.

A special thanks to Scott Foster of Satori Design, LLC. for donating his time and talents to create the web site for Bucks County Food Runners.  All donations to Bucks County Food Runners are 100% tax deductible.